News for April 14th, 2008

Tank Daddy's big return was a big flop it seems. He had this whole dimensional jumping alternate universe thing that was going to go and make some kind of sense of the world and how unfair it is. Instead, the only message we get is that apparently he can sing and we didn't know about it.

In other news, Battlestar third season was fairly lame.

I have been watching some old Doctor Who and have really enjoyed the camp and silliness of the old shows. Nitui is not so much of a fan of the old series, but nobody is perfect.

And my Timex Sinclair 1000 arrived and actually works. I am remembering how hard it was to work with back in the day as well. The best part was the Timex Computer Club card that arrived with it. I remember getting one of those with mine back in 1983 and thinking how dumb it was. 25 years later and I officially have my geek card. Let's see, the Aquarius also arrived and works as well. We are having some issues with Nitui's Intellevision, but we hope to have that sorted out soon. The joys of ancient technology...I wonder if they have any wheels, levers, or inclined planes for sale on eBay.

Two chair type links for ya both kinda odd. First is Dinner in the Sky, I look at thing like this and just have to ask - why? And oh my god, they want HOW much? Somehow it just doesn't seem worth it. Then I start to think of all the things that I could do with that money. /sigh The second is from the hilarious Ellen Degeneres - The Hawaiian Chair. This just made me giggle.

Finally, I leave ya with a geek link - Adobe TV. I think it's both great and really smart of adobe to be stepping up and training people how to use their softwares. I guess that's why they're the market standard.

The weekend was pretty uneventful other than we got to hang with Loch and Deadly. I'm looking forward to seeing The Forbidden Kingdom this weekend. I mean Jet Li and Jackie Chan - Say no more, I'm THERE!

See ya on the 19th for the final comic.

Comic number- 256


Script for April 14th, 2008

Ninja Comic:  Hey TD, sorry you aren't going to get your big cameo in the "Giant Robots" story arc.

Tank Daddy:   No problem kid. What's this about being canceled. Anything I can do to help?

Ninja Comic:  Well...

Tank Daddy:  Other then mop?

Ninja Comic:   Nah. Did you find other work after you left?

Tank Daddy:  Yep, landed the role of Javert with the London cast in a few weeks. Been understudy up until now.

Ninja Comic:  Les Mis the musical? Really?

Tank Daddy:
  Yep. I have a wonderful singing voice, though you never used it here.

Ninja Comic:   If I had known we would have done a Sweeney Todd rip off, instead of Transformers.

Ninja Comic:   Or Beowulf.

Tank Daddy:  Beowulf was a musical?

Ninja Comic:
  They...they had singing.