News for March 31st, 2008

Busy days recently. I was reading a message board that was going on about what everybody's first computer was like. Naturally I linked the Timex Sinclair 1000 as being my first. It was actually mine and not shared like Pong or the Atari 2600. Not that they count or anything. Not long after that I got my second computer which was a Mattel Aquarius. And adding in the .25 Mhz, 2K more RAM and the 16 colors it was a tremendous upgrade. Sadly, the system was dropped by Mattel for lack of sales and my true geekdom was stunted for many years.

However, there was a link to eBay and for what can only be described as "leaving ones senses," I have bid on and won, both a Sinclair and an Aquarius. I have no clue what to do with them, but what can I say. I'm kickin' it old school YO!

As Ninja was taking a stroll down memory lane, I decided to also by purchasing my own Intellivision. Haven't set it up yet but I'm looking forward to playing Adventures of Dungeons and Dragons and Donkey Kong on it.

Work was super busy again but we finally launched our GPS specific microsite! I also reaffirmed that I'm not a developer with Adobe's Developer Week. Flex seems very cool but any time you have to compile - count me out. I am looking forward to next month when they'll focus on web designers. Also slowly but surely I'm working on rebuilding my personal site but you know the old story about the shoe cobbler's kids go shoeless.

See ya next week.

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Script for March 31st, 2008

Ninja Comic:  STAFF MEETING!

Ninja Comic:  Well guys, I have some bad news.

Nitui:  We didn't get the giant robot props for the next story?

Ninja Comic:  Kind of...We're being canceled.

All:  WHAT?