News for March 10th, 2008

This one is more for the players of these games.  In City of Heroes/Villains, as you gain levels you select powers.  Later you may decide that you want your powers to be developed differently.  There are some missions that you can run to earn what is called respecialization or respec.  A respec can completely change how you player your character.  I have sometimes wished that there was someway to make the less savory people in the game change their personality.  So, here you have Respec Yourself.

In other news, the D&D campaign has been kicked off and I have nearly killed everybody at least twice.  who would have thought that a few skeletons and maybe a gnoll or two could be so vicious.

Not a whole lot more going on that I can think of.  See ya next week.

We saw the Bovine's Shot of Spring and it's worth seeing. Oooo now we've entered link mania! Here is a good article about the last comic. Also my mom sent me this fun video. This is a good webby type site. Ninja sent me this not a garfield site as well. And finally...EDDIE IZZARD is on tour! GET YOUR TICKETS!

Comic number- 251


Script for March 10th, 2008

Nitui:  That was awful.

Ninja Comic:  What happened?

Nitui:  I was over by the bank and there was a robbery. Another hero was there so we joined forces to bring them in.

Ninja Comic:  What went wrong?

Nitui:  He was a jerk. Telling me where to run and who to attack. Like this was my first bank robbery to foil.

Ninja Comic:  Sound s like he needs to respec himself.

Ninja Comic:  If you don't want to group and are rude to the folks that are near you.

Nitui:  When you need help with an elite, why'd you think that they'd help you.

Ninja Comic:  If you don't check the level 'fore you invite random people to your band, yeah.

Nitui:  Then don't get upset when they join and then quickly disband.

Ninja Comic:  You are the kind of villain that has to have it done your way.

Nitui:  If you can't get along with others, don't bother to play. Ohhhh

Ninja Comic:  Respec yourself.

Nitui:  Na na na na na

Ninja Comic:  Respec yourself.

  Hey hey hey hey

Ninja and Nitui:  If you don't respec yourself

Ninja and Nitui:   Ain't nobody ever gonna want to group

Ninja and Nitui:  Na na na oh oh

Ninja and Nitui:  Respec yourself 

Girls Scout:  I told you. Your parents are weird.