News for March 4th, 2008


What is all this about?  Well, Gary Gygax, the inventor of Dungeons and Dragons passed away.  If you read this, most likely you know someone or something that was influenced by him.  All those fantasy MMO's you play now like EverQuest and WoW were inspired by home played RPG's  which he helped create and mainstream.  Beyond that, I was in the army with his son.  This seems to be bothering more then I would normally expect.  The last time I was this upset over somebody famous dieing was Douglas Adams of Hitchhiker's Guide fame. 

If we are lucky, we will get to play this weekend in his honor.  Sorry to be a bummer for a comic.

Even though I'm only striking out on my second campaign, I've loved the things that D&D directly (and indirectly) influenced. Just think how many Sci-Fi / Fantasy writer credit gaming for flaming their imagination. Personally I can thank him for years happily wasted on MMOs.

I surprised at how sad this makes me but, I think that anytime true originality is winked out - we as a race is are little less.

So, thank you Mr. Gygax for keeping the fundamentals of story telling alive.

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Script for March 4th, 2008

Ninja Comic: Sigh

Nitui:  What's wrong?

Ninja Comic:  Gary Gygax, the man that invented D&D just passed away.

Nitui:  That's so sad.

Ninja Comic:  I never met him, but I was in the army with his son.  It's too bad we lost touch.

Nitui:  Is there anything we can do, maybe send our regards?

Ninja Comic:  I know just the thing.

A few hours later

Ninja Comic:  Ok, you managed to open the chest and find a grey and black cloak, what do you do?