News for March 3rd, 2008

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Script for March 3rd, 2008

Ninja Comic:  All better. She even decided to keep her costume.

Nitui:   That's good. So why is Whimsical all color coordinated and Bob looks like your frat buddies from school?

Ninja Comic:   The grey robes are what we are all born in, functional for immediate use. The self naming and costume decisions come after they have figured out who they are.

Nitui:  Is there anything we can do to help him or is he just a late bloomer so to speak?

Ninja Comic:  Oh, he'll be fine. All we can do is hope he makes the right decisions. You know at some point, you just have to trust your kids.

Nitui:  Wow.  That is way more insightful then I would have expected from you. I am impressed.

Ninja Comic:  Don't be, I just heard Dr. Phil say it during the ad for the next Oprah.

Nitui:  So are you saying that Bob, Steve, Mike, and Sven are still immature?

Ninja Comic:  Well duh, they are just frat boy minions.