News for February 7th, 2008

We know it's wordy. We even cut it down some.  Ah well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDIE!!!



Script for February 7th, 2008

Ninja Comic:  Today is my fellow comedian, Eddie Izzard's birthday. And I think it is funny that some people still won't listen to his stand up
just be cause he is a transvestite.

Ninja Comic:  Eddie is not the first transvestite I have seen either. I ran into a villain named Trollvestite once and we had to bring him in.
Even the cops were wary. You know, "Which cell do we put him in?"

Ninja Comic:  But I've noticed a strong lack of transvestite heroes. I mean I know why and all but still I can only imagine how that would go.

Victim:  HELP! HELP! I'm being mugged!

Captain TV:  Hello. Do you need saving?

Victim:  Oh, could I be rescued by somebody else? You're, you know.

Captain TV:  Hang on, what do you care? You're in danger, yeah?

Victim:  Well, it's just that...

Captain TV:  Oh I see, last week you were mugged and rescued by a vampire bat guy. Does he suck blood?

Victim:  Well...

Captain TV:  Before that you were rescued by some shirtless freak with pierced nipples and you were ok with that too.

Victim:  But I like piercings...

Captain TV: Four weeks ago you were rescued by Commando Amanda, who was in a Rambo getup with just ammo belts coving up her...pectoral muscles.

Victim:  Hey. Empowered women that...

Captain TV:  Dress like men are still cross dressing transvestites by definition. Think of the deterrent I represent? If he gets arrested by me, how do you think he will be able to face his fellow gang members?  

Hellion 1:  What happened Spike?

Orc Pawn: Uhhh, nothing.

Hellion 2:  I heard you were busted by a bloke in a dress.

Orc Pawn:  No, was a girl...with a really big gun.  

Hellion 1:  Yeah, a big girl, with broad shoulders, narrow hips, and too much eye makeup.  

Orc Pawn:  Stop it!  

Hellions:  Bwahahahahahahaha!

Ninja Comic:  Who knows, maybe a cross dressing hero would help reduce recidivism in gang members.

Ninja Comic:  Oh, just Google it when you get home.