News for January 28th, 2008

And let me tell you about stretch marks...or not.  So, TA DA!  The kids are here.  I guess now we can go straight away into a Family Circus kind of thing.

In other news, carpet ripping out, cleaning like mad, and organizing stuff in the storage area is just a few of the super fun things we have been doing.  Well, that and watching Torchwood.  Speaking of, gotta go.

Yea! Made it through another week and I think we're in a good spot for all the up and coming craziness. I'll try to take some pictures of the the work on progress. I've started another round and those of you who are on the chemo watch my HCG lvl is 11. Stinking 11 - aww well so close to being done! This last Monday we went to the melting pot with neo and his wife and I gotta say I love that place!

I also wanted to thank Kerheb for adding this game - Boomshine to the forums. The name is misleading it's a relaxing game (until it isn't) and I'd suggest turning the music off right at the beginning.

See you next week.

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Script for January 28th, 2008

Nitui:  Hey, what happened with you being pregnant?

Ninja Comic:  Oh, I had them all ready. Everything went fine, thanks for asking.

Nitui:  What? Had them? When did you go to the hospital?

Ninja Comic:  No need. And since you seemed upset about the duration of your being pregnant I told them to keep it quiet. Besides, staying hidden all this time has been good training for them.

Nitui:  They're here in the apartment?

Ninja Comic:  Sure, you didn't think my mother came to visit to see me did you?

Nitui:  I uh...can I see our kids?

Ninja Comic:  Sure!  Kids, come say "hi" to your mom.