News for December 31st, 2007

If only there were actually some way to travel in time. The lottery would be pointless, that's for sure.

We are back in town and ready to forge ahead into the new year. Hope yours goes as well as we plan for ours to go.

Happy New Year!

Somehow I think that if I had a time machine I'd put it to different uses - ah well I guess that's why they call this fiction. Still tired from getting in at 3:00 am from my folks so I promise more update but for now - bedtime. Check out "favorites of 2007" in the forums.

Happy New Year!




Comic number- 239


Script for December 31st, 2007

Nitui:  Ninja! We forgot to do an episode last week. What are we going to do?

Ninja Comic:  We could blame the writers strike.

Nitui:  Lame.

Ninja Comic:  Yeah, everybody is using that cop out storyline these days.

Nitui:  Too bad there isn't any way to travel back in time and fix this little problem.

Ninja Comic:  (snap)

Ninja Comic: KRO-GAR, go back in time and do something funny.