News for December 17th, 2007

Not much going on this week.  We saw The Golden Compass, and the violence was a bit much for the audience around us.  Ah well, it's a kids movie. 

More movies updates later in the forums!

Comic number- 237


Script for December 17th, 2007

KRO-GAR:  Rat's, why heroes faces on KRO-GARs root beer?

Rats:  Well kid, that soda company will put pictures of just about anything on their bottles.

KRO-GAR:  KRO-GAR want on drink too.

Rats:  No problem kid, I got ya covered.

Author's Note:  Two Weeks Later

KRO-GAR:  Rats is bestest ever!

Rats:  Hey, nothin's too good for you kid.