News for November 29th, 2007

Yep, she came and went quickly.  We had an unusual Thanksgiving meal.  Some of the items on the menu were beer can turkey and homemade cranberries sauce thanks to Deadly, Samosas and Naan representing Indian food, spanakopita from some Greek, and eggrolls and dumplings for Chinese.  The guests looked at us a bit quizzically at first, but once I explained they were completely onboard with it.  I said, "Thanksgiving is an immigrant holiday.  It's a celebration of surviving another year in a new land.  If anything, it should be more celebrated by more diverse people then any other holiday." And all you guys did was eat till you needed an extra belt loop. 

I would like to share with you some of the great responses we got from the MST3K style comic last week, but I can't since none of them were comments in the forum.  At least we know there is a pulse on one or two readers.

Off to work on another computer.  Eventually I will have to find a new hobby.

Just a quick note of thanks to all of you who took a moment out of the holiday shopping gluttony to read our little comic. And you took that moment even without a special "day" of the week. Why do I seem to be the only one who thinks the whole "black friday/cyber monday" is dumb. Has Christmas gotten so out of hand that we've created holidays to get ready for x-mas? All I need is some eggnog, some lights, a tree and a few presents to let folks know I love 'em.

/sigh maybe I'm just getting old.

Oh well, just so you all know we are moving the update to Mondays. Way to kick off that work week.

On a personal note, feeling pretty crappy but hopefully that means I'm almost done with the chemo. Though it's only a 3 day work week this week so, it can't be all bad.

All of you City of-ers enjoy Issue 11 and we'll see ya all next week.


Comic number- 234


Script for November 29nd, 2007

Nitui:   Ninja, it's been a couple days, where is your mom?

Ninja Comic:  Oh? She's been and gone. She said she liked the turkey though.

Nitui:  Liked the turkey? But we never even saw her.

Ninja Comic:  Well duh, she is a ninja.