News for November 15th, 2007

Yep, cleaning for my mothers visit.  Is there anything that could possibly be more fun?  I for the fun of it!

In other news, I have my first test for the A+ certification Friday.  I realize that I have been doing the job of a PC tech for ages now, but I never got around to getting my cert.  Fingers crossed for 80% or better.

Also, I have been wandering around in my own mind about Norse Mythology.  Gotta love the old ways.  Have a good week.

This last weekend was a lot of fun but the week seems to be dragging on. Which is surprising with how busy I am. The work days themselves fly by but, when I woke up tuesday morning I could have sworn it was Thursday. More fun planned for this weekend and then the home stretch to thanksgiving and Ninja's mom is here. I'm looking forward to the time off and all the things we'll get to do. Fill ya in next week!


Comic number- 232


Script for November 15th, 2007

Ninja Comic:  Do we have anything planned for this evening?

Nitui:  Not much. You have something in mind?

Ninja Comic:  I was thinking we could start cleaning before my mother gets here.

Nitui:  WHAT? Why didn't you tell me?


Ninja Comic:  Sure, she was at the wedding. You might have missed her though, you were kind of busy.

Nitui:  Great...When is she supposed to get here.

Ninja Comic:  Tonight or tomorrow.

Nitui:  TONIGHT!?