News for October 31th, 2007


One might think that I know where the eggs are. But I don't. Wouldn't be any fun hunting for eggs when you know where they are. So, yeah. Eggs.

In other news, I have finished the first leg of my new D&D campaign. Not sure when we are going to run it as we are still in the middle of Lochs campaign. I will say new world, new maps, and new characters. It has been many years since I ran a game, I just hope I can remember how.

No good movies recently and we don't actually watch TV so not much happening there either. I guess life is still just a work in progress.

The comic may look a little funky this halloween it's 'cause I created it on my laptop while doing the throwing candy at kids thing. We had an okay turn out but it was snowing this morning so I guess I should be glad we got any at all. Tomorrow I start up another round of chemo but, I'm hoping this is going to be the last one. Work has kept me hopping, I've got four websites on my plate right now and the first goes live December 1st. I thought things would slow down once we had a graphic designer again but, sadly it seems to have sped up. Ah well, see ya next week or maybe sooner.

Comic number- 230


Script for October 31th, 2007

Ninja Comic:  Looks like we are all set for Halloween this year.

Nitui:  Sounds good. Do we have enough candy?

Ninja Comic:  Yep, and I have it all in baskets. Plus I got all the eggs dyed and hidden all ready.

Nitui:  Eggs? Eggs are an Easter thing. This is Halloween. You know, costumes and candy?

Ninja Comic:  No eggs?

Nitui:  So where are they?

Ninja Comic:  Hidden.

Nitui:  Did you at least boil them this year?

Ninja Comic:  Nope. Remember, I'm not allowed in the kitchen anymore. That was our 'agreement.'

Nitui:  Great.