News for October 25th, 2007

I can't tell you how many times I have cursed the movies for this shaky "unsteadicam" nonsense. Movies have always been rough on folks with motion sickness, but the fact that normal movie goers are having a hard time should be a big red flag. Kristin Thompson and David Bordwell talk about this in great depth in this article. Read it, it's interesting.

In other news, we saw Dirty Rotten Scoundrels the musical. You may want to skip this, even if you loved the original movie like I do. I was not the only one either. The folks in front of us were complaining as well. To put it to you bluntly, at $90 a ticket, there were a suspicious number of empty seats around us after intermission. Which is too bad as the second half was actually better then the first, but only a little bit.

You know, I saw Spamalot as well. Nope, I am not even going to bother linking it either. They get enough traffic and I don't want you to be accosted by that waste of time. It may have been brilliant on Broadway, but the touring cast was useless.

Ok, off the soapbox for now. Oooh, maybe time to do something fun!

Sorry about not writing much lately, I have not been feeling very well. Thursday I find out how many more chemotherapy (no, I don't have cancer) sessions I have till I'm officially "all better." I was not planning on writing anything in the news about this, but I was starting to feel guilty about just posting the comic and saying "see ya next week."

By the way, the blurry comic is killing my eyes, so I am off. See ya next week.


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Script for October 25th, 2007

KRO-GAR:  RATS! KRO-GAR get invited to Halloween party!

Rats:  That's nice kid.  You need the night off?

KRO-GAR:  KRO-GAR not understand plus one on card.

Rats:  Kid, it means KRO... you can bring a guest.

KRO-GAR:  Good, that means RATS can...KRO-GAR not feel good.

Rats:  Probably motion sickness.

KRO-GAR:  World shaking too much, KRO-GAR be in KRO-GAR's trailer.

Ninja Comic:  See that Hollywood? The "unsteadicam" film technique is not fun in a web comic and it's not fun on the TV or in a movie. Instead of whining about pirated films, why not BUY SOME TRIPODS! Thanks.