News for October 11th, 2007

TEN YEARS! I kinda stole that bit from Grosse Point Blank. So, yeah, hmmmm. TEN YEARS?!?!

In other news, if you get bored and are in the mood for some sophomoric humor, well it's not that bad and only a bit racey, take a gander at Brat Halla. Norse mythology and grade school. Can't go wrong with that.

Anywho, my schedule at work has changed and starting next week, I work Sunday through Wednesday. The downside to this, is this week I flip over and work Wednesday to Friday. I get only one day off and then back at work for another full week. Yes, yes, let the tears flow for the poor Ninja Comic.

I have nothing to say other than this was a great week. The best I've had in almost two months. This last weekend we got to go to the CIRCUS! It was a lot of fun since we got to go with Deadly, Loch and family. They're youngest thought the best part of the show was the bike tricks. Also, I've chopped my hair super short and have had folks bug me for a picture so look for that sometime this coming week in the forums. I'll see ya next week.


Comic number- 227


Script for October 11th, 2007

Ninja Comic:  How did the doctors appointment go?

Nitui:  Ok I guess. It's going to be quite a while until we have the baby.

Ninja Comic:  Well ya, you said nine months.

Nitui:  No, the doctor says that the baby is developing very slowly. She said that I was probably pregnant for almost a year before testing positive. It could be months before I even really start to show.

Ninja Comic:  It'll be ok though. It's just taking a bit longer.

Nitui:  She set the due date at March 2017.

Ninja Comic:  
Wow, that is a long time.

Nitui:  I'm going to be pregnant for ten years.

Ninja Comic: 
 It could be worse...