News for September 20th, 2007

Maybe this certification thing is more important then I thought. I hate to think there is a certification program for heroes. Oops, never mind, Marvel comics is doing that joke in their Civil War series. I read it by the way and it has a the whole thing ending with the death of Captain America. This does not look like the Death of Superman silliness either as he has remained quite dead and will probably not be back.

In other news, I need the help of the collective memory. There was a web site that listed the types of people that live in the office. One of them was defined as "a person that learns a single technical term and uses it for everything." I have not been able to find this site or even any reference to it since. I am thinking it was a technical parrot or some such, but I just don't know. Maybe I dreamt it. If you do have any info on it, please post it in the forum or something.

We have added a new section for you to waste time on. Lost Scripts so take a look. Some of them are interesting and some of them you can tell why they never came into being. Either way they are fun. I don't really have anything new to tell ya so I'll just say - See you next week!


Comic number- 224


Script for September 20th, 2007

Rats:  Look kid, you're acting kinda dumb here. I don't have a cdc or whatever and it doesn't stop me from robbing banks.

KRO-GAR:  But, villainous practices without certificate is wrong.

Rats:  Robbing banks is illegal and we do it anyway. What is wrong with you?

KRO-GAR:  Not about illegal, KRO-GAR got certified to lend credibility in villainous acts. KRO-GAR knows exactly how to smash vaults and armored cars thanks to certification class.

Rats:  Kid, did you suddenly forget how to do those things?

KRO-GAR:  KRO-GAR not forget.

Rats:  Great, lets go rob the bank.

KRO-GAR:  KRO-GAR not rob now.  KRO-GAR would be wrong.

Rats:  Yeah kid, this whole thing is wrong.