News for September 13th, 2007

OH NOOOOOOZZZZZ!!!!!!!11111 Whatever will we do if KRO-GAR is no longer a villain? Celebrate most likely. I am a hero after all, and one less villain is not such a bad thing. Maybe he will become an upstanding citizen. Or, I may have to come and bust him for being a villain without proper credentials.

In other news, I am still plugging away at learning Linux and taking care of all the rest of my responsibilities. Whatever that means. Maybe I will have some kind of brainchild idea that won't burn down the house.

AHHHHHH! It's Thursday the 13 th ! Ahh, fear for you lives! Okay well it isn't as scary as Friday the 13 th but, I never got why a day should be innately scary. Ah, well. This is yet another week and I'm still walking. We saw Rush Hour 3…and it was sad. We also The Taffetas an it was so so, we were by far too young to get most of the “jokes” but the music was good. See you next week!


Comic number- 223


Script for September 13th, 2007

Rats:  All right kid, I need you to head over to the bank for a withdrawal... Ok kid, what's wrong now?

KRO-GAR:  KRO-GAR got letter from MegaHard inc.

Rats:  Never heard of 'em. What's their game?

KRO-GAR:  MegaHard governs certification process for being villains. KRO-GARs CEV expired.

Rats:  Ah, well sorry kid. So, about that bank...

KRO-GAR:  Since CEV expired KRO-GAR no longer villain.

Rats:  You gotta be kiddin' me. No way you aren't a villain. Let's you and me go rob...