News for August 2nd, 2007

Seriously, nine months?  What takes so long?  Ah well, guess it will take a while to see what comes of it.  Who knows, she is a mutation origin, maybe she can have the kid faster...or slower.  Just so long as we get Jim Henson's Ninja Babies!

In other news, we have been busy running around like mad...still.  No rest for the wicked etc.  Nitui's brother is now living in Colorado again.  Same town and 25 miles apart.  Take that metro commuters!

Also, I want to thank Witty Librarian again for his help in fighting off the alien scum.  You're a good guy, regardless of what Cutlass says.

Sorry not too much to report for this week. Just when you thought work couldn't get any crazier it does. With our graphic designer quitting I've been literally doubly busy. Hopefully when my boss returns next week she'll start to look for a replacement. Hey, if your a graphic artist that wants a full time job in Colorado e-mail me.


Comic number- 217
Panels - 4
Toons in comic - 6
Creation time - two hours
Layers - 47
Number of things that can't be done in game - 5
Time script has been in the hopper - almost a month


Script for August 2nd, 2007

Nitui:  This is outlandish. How can you have a baby?

Ninja Comic:  It's not like a regular baby. It's a ninja. Besides, you being pregnant makes things so much easier.

Nitui:  What? Why?

Ninja Comic:  People frown on children showing up randomly at homes without a pregnant woman. Usually we have to make up some story about a third cousin and a car accident.

Nitui:  Yeah, that would be hard to explain.

Ninja Comic:  So, when are you due?

Nitui:  Customarily, about nine months from now, the doctor will...


Nitui:  Hun, how long did you think it would take?

Ninja Comic:  Mine will be here in a few weeks. What takes nine months?


Ninja Comic:  Chalk up another reason ninjas are cooler then pirates.