News for July 26th, 2007

Yep, we interrupt this current story arc with this fast breaking news story.  The Rikti aliens have invaded, and heroes/villains are running amok.  The civilians, not so much.  I saw several aliens drop from the sky and a few unexploded bombs hit the ground without a single civilian so much as altering their walking path.  Almost makes me think they are British and just tired of the blitz.

In other news, just another day in paradise.  Company in town and work being work.  Maybe when things calm down we can...who am I kidding?  Things are never going to calm down.

Now made with Photoshop CS3! Do you smell that new program smell? Yes that's right I have my shiney new version of the Production Premium Suite. At this point it's an testament to how much of an adult I've been come that I haven't called in sick the rest of the week to stay home and play with it. Also, something that helps is my Dad's in town so we've been getting to hang out with him! So, even though I know you guys can't really tell a difference in the art from the Photoshop 7 comic of last week and the new and improved CS3 comic of this week but take a look at how many layers and how much time it took. Almost double in the same amount of time! More next week! See ya Thursday!


Comic number- 216
Panels - 4
Toons in comic - 6
Creation time - two and half hours
Layers - 60
Number of things that can't be done in game - 6
Time script has been in the hopper - 5 1/2 hours


Script for July 26th, 2007


Newscaster RIN :    Citizens of Arachnos. Do not be alarmed by reports of "Invading Alien Forces." Most likely this is merely a ploy by the hostile Paragon City Longbow Forces. We go now to a supposed eyewitness.

Newscaster RIN :    Sir, you claim to have seen "Aliens" attacking the Grandville citadel?

Man on the Street:   Yes ma'am.

Newscaster RIN
:    When the alleged attack took place, what did you do?

Man on the Street:   Mostly I just kind of stood here, I mean I see villains and attack robots all the time. Just another day at Aeon Labs.


Newscaster PCN :    We have another eyewitness to Rikti Attack '07. Ma'am, I know this is very traumatic, but could you please tell us what you saw at the Town Hall in Atlas Park?

Woman on the Street:  Well, I was doing my power walk laps during my lunch break, when the sky turned green and Aliens started appearing out of nowhere like in Star Trek.

Newscaster PCN :    Wow, that sounds terrifying. What did you do?

Woman on the Street:  I thought "Oh God, I am about to die." But then I thought, "Not with these thighs!" So I finished my laps before going back to work. You have to have your priorities, you know?