News for July 19th, 2007

It's late and sleep calls. Check in the forums for a review of the new Harry Potter flick.

So, much going on at work and at home so as per usual I'm gonna keep it short. This last weekend we had a lot of fun and saw a slew of movies. This up and coming weekend I think I might talk Ninja into going to see Hairspray. I wasn't interested in seeing it until I saw some clips and now I'll give it a try. See ya Thursday!


Comic number- 215
Panels - 4
Toons in comic - 2
Creation time - two and half hours
Layers - 39
Number of things that can't be done in game - 2
Time script has been in the hopper - one week and one day


Script for July 19th, 2007

Nitui:  I guess I'm not surprised you all ready knew. Is there some kind of "ninja sense" about pregnancy?

Ninja Comic:
  Nah, we have to use the same dipstick method as everybody else.

Nitui:  But, I just found did you know I was pregnant?

Ninja Comic:  Hang on, you're pregnant?

Nitui:  Yeah, what were you talking...

Nitui:  Uh, that's not possible.

Ninja Comic:  Of course it is, only a real ninja can give birth to a ninja.

Nitui:  I think I'm going to be sick.

Ninja Comic:  But, it's only two in the afternoon.