News for June 15th, 2007

Yes ladies and gentlemen, reincorporation!   KRO-GAR leveled to 41 and got his first Patron Power.  If you don't play CoH/CoV it just means that he is 9 levels away from the highest level he can get in game.  There are some folks that play just to be the most uber player there is.  The very bestest top notch there is.  I often call these people min/maxxers.  There is nothing wrong with playing a game this way.  It's like two guys playing HORSE on the basketball hoop in the backyard versus professional basketball players.  Both are playing to enjoy the game their way.  I am playing HORSE.  I had to choose between four power sets and went with "KRO-GAR found a stick."  I do however run into min/maxxers in game, and I irritate them a lot.  They just don't get it.

In other news, Nitui and I performed our first long form improv set Thursday night.  I need to learn to lie.  I told people how I actually felt about it and I brought them down.  Improv is not as fun as it used to be.  I was told I got some good solid laughs.

Also, we have been extremely busy, yet again.  I warned you forever ago that if we were having "quality of life issues" we would back the comic off to one day a week.  That time is now.  So gang, we are dropping back to updating once a week, with possible more comics if we have time.  We are kicking around Thursday morning updates.  If you have any huge concerns or issues about the day, drop us a line in the forum and if we need to move the day, we can certainly look into it.

And here to leave you on a somewhat silly note.  March of the Penguins  reenacted by bunnies.

So, ya comic at least once a week - maybe different if we get swamped with requests to bump it back up.

Week was busy as per usual (two weeks to new site launch (hopefully)). It really flew by though I'm looking forward to this weekend. 2x the experience in game! YEA! Also we're gonna paint our little pewter D&D likenesses with Deadly and Loch . I'll get pictures. If I don't forget I'll link them on Thursday. I'm also starting the count down…T minus 22 days and counting until Thing 3.0 graces us with her presence.

Ooo and my geeky link for the day – Color in Motion. WOO WHOO color! I'm a big color geek and have always been interested in the psychology of color and this is a good quick preview. I secretly think it was Rainbow Bright that got me addicted to the color stuff – Curse you Rainbow!

See you Thursday!


Comic number- 210
Panels - 4
Toons in comic - 2
Creation time - Four hours
Layers - 62
Number of things that can't be done in game - 5
Time script has been in the hopper - 4 hours


Script for June 15th, 2007

Rats:   KRO-GAR where did you get that Bane Spider Mace?

KRO-GAR:   Spider guy fall down and drop stick.  KRO-GAR kept it.

Rats:   Well kid, careful with that, it might be loaded with...


Rats:   Web grenades.