News for June 4th, 2007

Ok, so we finally got to make the meat based donuts.  Stop your whining, we didn't make you eat them.  Anywho, we got rave reviews.  Barbecue sauce with toasted garlic looked like chocolate with nuts and of course different cheese rings for glazes.  What else...the fried egg Danish did not work out so well.  We must admit that it only got a mild thumbs up from the 12 year old.  What can you say, he ate it.  Here is the pictures: MBD1 MBD2

For desert, we had bread pudding.  No nothing that simple.  It was Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding!  We are having difficulties making the comic right now due to sugar coma.  If the art work seems a bit wavy, it's probably just your monitor on sugar overload. 

Also, we saw Shrek the Third and will try to get reviews up soon.

See ya Friday!


Script for June 4th, 2007

Nitui:    There is no way I am eating that.