News for May 28th, 2007

And that is how I should have answered it.  There was no other correct response.  Now be a good comic geek and do what Nitui tells you to do. 

Was that what you wanted me to tell them?

In other news, we picked up the first two Order of the Stick books today. What else, had a good time with Deadly and Loch playing D&D.  Guess that means it is complete.  We do all the geeky things there is to do.

Perhaps a movie today.

Happy Memorial Day.

Good Ninja - now you get one hour with the power tools. Remember all those things I told you we were going to do this weekend? (Opusfest, pirate movie or maybe Shrek) Well none of that happened. We did get to hang with our bro and we did some yard work. Also as Ninja said we had a great time playing D&D. The best part is I don't have work on Monday (today). So, we're gonna have another day to play our cares away. See ya on Friday!

Comic number- 205
Panels - 4
Toons in comic - 2
Creation time - under an hour
Layers - 36
Number of things that can't be done in game - 5
Time script has been in the hopper - 2 days-ish


Script for May 28th, 2007

Letter:    Dear Ninja Comic,

Correction: Nitui

My wife told me to stop wasting money on collecting comic books. But with all that is going on in the comic world, there is so many "must have" series I don't know how I can possible be expected to stop. What would you do?

Nitui:    Have you tried getting her interested in comics?

Nitui:    Try taking her with you and pointing out the artwork and interesting stories. Pick non DC and Marvel titles for this.

Nitui:    Buy her some comics based on her favorite TV shows and books.  There is a current Buffy series.

Nitui:    If all else fails, point out how the men in the comic books are very muscular and cute.

Ninja Comic:   Hey, you said you didn't go for the big muscley types.  You said you liked them more compact like me.

Nitui:    Of course honey, you're perfect the way you are.

Nitui:    Seriously, the muscle thing should do the trick. I mean, you collect comics, how buff could you be?