News for May 11th, 2007

Well Loch, as you requested last Mothers Day.

In other news...That's 200.

Have a great weekend.


Yea! We made it to comic 200! No site redesign this time...maybe we'll do it on the odds. So, look for one on comic 300!

TD- you will be missed.

On a personal note my boss has been outta town all week and so it's been super quiet. A side from that we've been playing CoV more and we got to watch "Thank God Your Here" the newest show to give you bad improv. I'm hoping the show will get better but as for right now they are doing alot of basic improv no- nos. (Blocking, denying, Steering a scene - and that's from the main stay cast) They have some talented people that I've seen from Evening with the Groundlings ect. So, I'm kinda sad about it but whatcha gonna do. Apparently you have to be crap improv to make it on American TV. No plans for the weekend...maybe some sleep, laundry, read a book and maybe I can talk Ninja into taking me to see Lucky You. See ya Monday!



Script for May 11th, 2007

Greg :    Dude, nice headshot!

Ethan :    Yeah, that's not what it really looks like. Did I tell you about…

Greg :    Yes, you did. Now shut up and play.

Girl Scout:    Bank robbers are taken care of Officer.

Boy Scout:    If you need us, call us on the police band.

Girl Scout:    Take your time though; we have to get home for dinner before we get into trouble again.

KRO-GAR:    Why Rats smiling?

Rats:    Rats don't...I never smile, now let's go rob an ice cream shop.

KRO-GAR:    KRO-GAR not smile either then.

Innocence:    Mmmm, ice cream.

Ninja Comic:    Who were they again?

Nitui:    Two heroes from Safety Net. They died before the emergency teleports were built.

Ninja Comic:    Wow, and I've worn mine out with regular household accidents.

Nitui:    No jokes for a few, ok Ninja?

Ninja Comic:    Sure hun, sorry.