News for May 7th, 2007

So, yeah.  That'll teach him.

In other news, it was a painful week for me.  With the rapid changing of the weather, my shoulders have been aching terribly.  I was thinking about going to the doctor, but then I realized that I didn't happen to have my medical transport badge with me.  Oh well.

Saturday was an unhappy day at work.  Somebody felt it necessary to dismantle several computers and leave them.  I found desks with no mice and keyboards or two of each.  Phones were disconnected and even some of the PCs were disconnected from the monitors as well.  I think I will have KRO-GAR pay them a visit in the middle of the night.  As you can see, Rats is a little too final.

Lastly, we saw Spider-Man 3 and the review is here

Ya okay so that Reap broad said that I should do this news thingy today. Something about, talking about the comic and how the creator's weekend went. So here goes…

Hey yous guys gotta agree that revisionist bum had it coming. There was nothin' personal about it I just had to put him in his place. ‘Specially after what he's done to TD.

Mindy had, you know, a good weekend. She got to see the mug of a partner in crime that hasn't been around much y'know. ‘Sides that she mostly just took a load off oh…and she saw that Spiderman movie that the boys tell me there's so much buzz about. Now I'm supposed to wish ya bums a good week and we'lls be seeing ya back here on Friday…or else.



Script for May 7th, 2007

The Revisionist :    How did you do that?

Ethan :    I'm not "super powered” idiot.

Tank Daddy :    Good thinking Ethan. Now start putting things back to rights Revisionist, or this will become very unpleasant for you.

The Revisionist :    You sure about that Tank Buddy?

Tank Daddy :    Yes, now get on with it.

The Revisionist :    MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Rats :    Wait!

Tank Daddy :    What'd you...