News for May 4th, 2007

You know, if he had made it so everything could be kept out, he would probably have suffocated in that bubble.

In other news, they have added inventions to the City of Games.  Pretty neat idea and I think so far I like it.  KRO-GAR has been making a killing selling off the tons of salvage he had built up over time and never used.  Under the old system, you had to have a really great apartm...Super Base to do anything with the salvage.  And then it was used pretty much for putting things in the base.  I finally got to dump the garbage out of my bag.  Someday I will get the bits and pieces to make the really cool stuff.  Piston legs for the little robot guy and maybe Dragon Wings that work for my lizard.

Also, I started reading the Dresden Files books.  If the show is as good, I may have a new series to year.  Wonder if it will be out Christmas.

This weekend is Spiderman 3.  Maybe I can talk Reap into going Sunday.

This week was a long one but it's over and another great weekend is planned. Hopefully, the weather will hold and not rain us out. On another note, Ninja bought me the first two seasons of the good Who's Line is it Anyway. So if it does rain then maybe I can talk him into a PJ day and watch funny stuff until our brains fry. Oh and by the by for those of you who are not keeping track (or can't tell from the story line) this is comic 198!

See ya on monday!



Script for May 4th, 2007

The Revisionist :    Give up. This bubble force field is designed to keep all you super powered idiots out forever.

The Revisionist :    Everybody thinks I have such a limited imagination. If that were the case, would I have come up with a machine that can amplify my powers? I doubt it.

The Revisionist :    So, instead of killing your boyfriend first I am just going to kill you again.

Ethan :    I'm not his...

Tank Daddy :    What's that…

The Revisionist :    Well, maybe you should rethink the Village People biker look!

The Revisionist :    Where was I? Yes. Tell me Tank Wimp, what possessed you to bring a pregnant woman on a mission?

Ethan :    That's enough, time for a beating.