News for April 27th, 2007

In improv they say, "show, don't tell."  The problem with that in a comic like ours, it's easy to look at something and simply call it a mistake.  Real live actors can "show" something happened by reaction.  For what we are doing, it's kind of like asking a super model to look hot and sweaty while sitting on a freezing cold beach.  The picture is static, so we have to tell as well as show that the iceberg behind her is supposed to be there.

In other news, I got a video for you.  Dice Stacking Movie Vol. 3.  And that's that for now.

Wow what a long crappy week. I'm so tired. Though there was a little excitement when I gave blood on wednesday and then went and worked out. Yep, you guessed it, I almost passed out. Nick said something about low blood sugar but what does he know? :oD

Though all is well now that the weekend is here. I'm gonna sleep in and go to bed earily...well except on Saturday night when we're gonna go see a show. Oh and on Sunday when when my friend Katie is coming down. aww man. Well, no rest of the wicked and all that jazz. See ya on Monday!



Script for April 27th, 2007

Tank Daddy :    The plan is, we climb the fire escape.  We need to take him by surprise or...

Rats :    What fire Escape?

Ethan :    This place was a warehouse a minute ago, right?

Tank Daddy :    New plan, lets get in there before we find ourselves on a house boat in the Artic.

Ethan :    I hope they have an elevator.

Rats :    Let's just hope the security guards are on break.

Ethan :    Yeah, all of 'em.