News for April 23rd, 2007

I know, I know.  The comic has lots of words in it.  Trust me, I heard about it all through the making of the comic.  But there is lots of story stuff and I gotta get it in there somehow.

Not much else going on this weekend, no movie or anything.

Last thing, this is your last chance to post for the Birthday Badge. Oh yeah, go read WittyLibrarian's comic.

The weekend went by way too fast. We didn't see a movie this weekend instead we went shopping! We took a trip up to the outlet mall. Yea! We got a lot of stuff like polo shirts for work and etc. See ya on Friday!



Script for April 23th, 2007

Ethan :    You seem to know where you're going old guy. Do you know what's going on?

Tank Daddy :    Call me TD kid. As for what's going on, I think I know.

Tank Daddy :    There was this crackpot named The Revisionist about twenty years ago. He had this power to alter the way the past worked out or something like that. I had a charm cast on my team that stopped his powers from changing what we remembered. It must still be working or I wouldn't remember this.

Tank Daddy :    We caught him and took him down, but it cost a lot.

Tank Daddy :    He killed my wife Ice Maiden. Psych Out rewired his brain into thinking he was an accountant and that was that.

Rats :    You guys let a reality altering freak go after he killed your wife? You heroes are the dumbest pieces of work I have ever seen.

Tank Daddy :    Look, we didn't want to throw him into a stressful situation like a prison. That could cause him to resurface. Besides, we made him will everything back the way it was with one exception, my wife. The charm kept us safe from his alterations, so she stayed dead and I could never forget.

Ethan :    Hey, if you're a hero, why don't we just fly instead of walk?

Tank Daddy :    Not all heroes fly. Besides, we're here.