News for April 20th, 2007

I am seriously starting to worry about Rats.  Is it just me, or does she seem to miss KRO-GAR?  Come to think of it...I kinda miss the big guy too...ummm, I'll be right back.  I got some Ninja Smoke in my eye.

In other news, the Birthday Gig is in full swing.  Get your PJ Birthday Badge II here.  And if you don't play the City of Heroes / Villains I guess you could go and get your badge anyway.  It doesn't cost you anything and it shows that you were here for the second Birthday.  If you want to try the game, let us know in the forums.  I am sure one of us can hook you up with a 10 day free trial or something.

As for some of those hair brained schemes I am working on, they are not coming together or working as I intended them to.  On an unrelated topic, anybody need 72 cans of deflated CheezWhiz?

One last thing, go to Abacus Comics and give 'em a read.  I have read Imaginaries so I think they have a strong future.

Happy Birthday Dad! Another week bites the dust. If you didn't see on Thursday - we dinged again. Yea! Two years! We'll have to eat cake and celebrate ... mmm cake. I don't have much planned for the weekend other than finishing off Grey's Anatomy and laundry. Yes - it is an exciting life I lead. Maybe I'll get to play with my new wacom tablet some. Or maybe I can talk Ninja into burning something on the grill for me, it's supposed to be nice. See ya Monday!



Script for April 20th, 2007

Ethan :    Something is very wrong. Greg and I were playing some games and suddenly he was gone and I had a fluffy orange cat sitting next to me. I don't like cats, so there is no way it's mine. Do I have to fill out a report or something?

Rats :    Look, you seem like the average idiot, so you can't blame your friend for leaving. As for cats, well they come and go when they feel like it. Take Hello Kitty for instance...

Rats :    Ok, that is annoying.

Ethan :    Yeah, Hello Kitty sucks.

Tank Daddy :    What's your name son?

Ethan :    Ethan and I'm not your son. I also don't have a lot of money to pay you when you find Greg.

Tank Daddy :    Heroes don't charge for helping people. I never understood why you citizens are always shoving money at us.

Rats :    "Rats like money." Yeah kid, I'll even help.