News for April 13th, 2007

Not sure what he's whinging about, but he seems to think something is wrong.  Also, we should apologize for the profanity in the comic. Seriously though, he seems very distraught.

In other news, last week I had to get my breaks fixed.  Apparently, you are not supposed to go nearly 100,000 miles without getting them worked on.  More importantly, after 100,000 miles, you should not have any break pads left.  The mechanics were amazed that the breaks hadn't given me problems before.  Guess I just rock at down shifting.

Life is in progress, catch ya next week.

Happy Friday the Thirteenth!

They are doing major construction at work and the dust and the chemical smell is really getting to me. Though when their done we'll have 3 new hard wall offices and everything will be rearranged. Also, I'm finally free of the crappy cingular and have switched back to cricket. See my shiney new black phone. It also has bluetooth with it so I can look like a Cyberman.

Oh, and it's that time again...PJ Chronicales is coming up on it's second birthday. So, check into the forums from the 19th (the birthday) to midnight mst on the 23rd for your birthday badge. See ya Monday!



Script for April 13th, 2007

Tank Daddy :    Something just doesn't feel right. I better check on the kids.

Tank Daddy :    Hey Ninja, is everything ok?

Ninja Comic :    Everything is fine. Since when do you just barge in here?

Tank Daddy :    What? This is my basement.

Ninja Comic :    Just because you're the landlord, doesn't make it ok for you to walk in anytime you like..

Reap :    It's ok honey, I'm sure he's just looking after our best interests.

Tank Daddy :    Wait one @$!# minute! Where is Nitui?

Ninja Comic :    Who?  

Ninja Comic :    Ok, playtime with the new tenants is over. You need to leave sir.

Reap :    He sure didn't seem that crazy when we signed the lease.