News for April 6th, 2007

Well full weekend planned starting of bright and early Saturday morning with a video shoot in downtown for the ol' jobbers. We're gonna be shooting folks using our product and as not fun as this sounds it should be a good time cause I work with some great folks. That being said I'm off to bed though don't forget to check out Easter comic and a quick shout out to those April 8th birthdays - Happy Birthday Vita and Aaron. See ya on Sunday!

What's to say? I guess the universe is all messed up. Do ya think this one guy is that powerful to upend the whole world? Well, he wouldn't be much of a major villain if he can't. As for the massively confusing story as it stands, if you have questions, we do have a forum for that sort of thing.

In other news, thanks to the wonderful world of blackmail, Happy Birthday StigEye. What does he have on me that makes me say happy birthday? Nothing, the blackmail goes the other way this time. He now has to go tell all of his Warcraft friends to read our comic. This serves two purposes. First, we might get some more readers. Second and more importantly, this means he has to tell all his Warcraft friends he reads our comic which is based on a different game entirely. The public ridicule should be enough to make this worthwhile.

Also in the news, I've been listening to the Smothers Brothers on CD. No, it doesn't have the Yo-Yo Man on it. Really, that is mostly a visual gag piece for them and this is not a video. Too bad really, I liked that Yo-Yo Man. But it does have Boil That Cabbage Down on it.

What else is going on...improv, back ache, didn't win Power Ball's a full life I tell ya.


Script for April 6th, 2007

Girl Scout:    Come on, if we don't hurry they'll get away!

Boy Scout:    I'm right behind you.  Don't worry, we'll catch them...

Boy Scout:    Completely unaware!  

Innocence:    HEADSHOT BABY!

Rats:    It's a piece of cake kid.  We go in and grab the bum that lost money on my "investments." You just rough up anybody dumb enough to get in the way.

KRO-GAR:    KRO-GAR not trust small men in suits.

Rats:    Good job KRO...boys?