News for April 2nd, 2007

Ahhhha we got some of you with our April fools! And now back to the main story (oh but be sure to keep an eye pealed for our Easter comic). Aside from that weekend was good I indulged and got myself a massage and it was wonderful. Though the very next day we dug in the dirt and undid everything that was relaxed. I watched Flushed Away and Bridge to Terabithia and at some point I'll put full reviews up but for now I'll say I'd recommend both. See ya on Friday!

BWAHAHAHA, got ya!

So, the information and disinformation folks are lost on this one. If you don't play, I can give you a little help though. Paragon City is the home for City of Heroes. And despite there being hundreds of heroes patrolling constantly, there are tons of bad guys to fight. The Rogue Islands is the home for City of Villains. It is ruled by Arachnos. Kind of like a twisted version of Cobra from GI Joe. At any rate, the fact that it changed to Paragon Island means something major has happened and the news should really be more involved in their surroundings, or something like that.

In other news, we started digging around in our decimated garden. With them replacing our back porch and slab before winter and the several feet of snow we got during winter, there is practically nothing growing now. If anything comes of it, we'll try to get a picture of it for ya.

Also, I have started my diet. No, nothing like what Nitui did, but a bit of exercise mixed in with the low carb thing. The low carb thing works best for me and if I could just figure out how to not eat all that ice cream at Cold Stone, I might have a chance at keeping it off. Last time I lost a lot of weight, it stayed of for the better part of a year, so I know it can work. Down 4 pounds so far.

Sunday, we saw Bridge to Terabithia and the review is here.

Catch ya later.


Script for April 2nd, 2007

Newscaster 1 :    In other news, several explosions downtown rocked many of the major skyscrapers.  The shockwave sent many of the cities heroes on increased patrols in an attempt to find the culprit.  Many claimed that Rogue Island and Arachnos troupes were to blame.

Newscaster 2 :    Possible insurgents from the hostile Paragon City Government.  Long Bow representatives that were questioned claimed they had no idea what the cause of the explosions.  No actual damage has been reported, despite several reports of multiple explosions.

Newscaster 1/2 :    The Paragon Island Council's official statement was released.  It stated that the loud noises were just that, loud noises. The lack of apparent damage and no visual identification of any actual explosions were cited for the dismissal of any threat to the metropolitan area.   

Newscaster 3 :    In other news there have been several reports of missing people and a strange tendency for disorientation...

Newscaster 3 :    And now sports!