News for March 30th, 2007

Well here we are on Friday and now I sleep. Though before I go, I should apologize. I know that my news is wimpy compared to Ninja's. As a feeble excuse I will say that Ninja writes his news during the hours that it takes me to put together the comic. (I am down to about two and half hours per comic - yea!) So heeeeere's Ninja and I'll see ya on Monday.

You know, part of the reason Super Villains rant is just so that the readers know what's going on.  Try reading, er, looking at the last two comics without dialogue.  Just an old guy that has a burst of light and suddenly a new teller gives him cash.  Even if he is a bad guy, he's still my hero.  Just think "Student Loans," and you get the picture.  But the Revisionist here, he's old school.  Old school villains monologue as an art form.  Seriously, they have competitions at villain school.  They get three categories to compete in too.  Intimidation, Creativity, and Conciseness in summation of plot.  The third one is the hardest as they have to avoid wandering around the topic and boring the hero to death.  I think he came in third his senior year.  Guess they're all senior years for him now, eh?

In other news, we don't normally go back and change comics.  We have over one or two things, but generally we just don't.  However, I have had three different people asking where the third panel from Monday went.  So, Nitui has fixed it and if you want to see what happened, click back to Monday. 

Also, I have been a working dog on rebuilding PCs.  I have completely redone my old machine and am now going to use it to play music and DVDs etc.  That means the old music and DVD machine is now for experimentation.  MUHAHAHAHA Speaking of, time to put something to annoy Nitui.  ANIMANIACS!!!

We got to see TMNT last week and the review is finally here.


Script for March 30th, 2007

The Revisionist :    How long was I imprisoned in that feeble old man's body?

The Revisionist :    Wait, not imprisoned. I AM AN OLD MAN!

The Revisionist :    How could this be? I remember having control of the entire city, then those idiots from Safety Net attacked. I killed that cow that started to encase me in ice but the rest is fuzzy.  

The Revisionist :    If I have aged this much, then so have they. I'll bet their powers have diminished with age, while mine feel stronger then ever. I WILL HUNT THEM DOWN AND KILL THEM ALL!

The Revisionist :    Starting with that buffoon, Tank Daddy.

Teller:    Uh, sir? Should you be telling me this?

The Revisionist :    I was just…Do you have a bag to put that money in?

Teller:    Umm sure.