News for March 26th, 2007

Wow this has been a busy weekend! On Saturday I watched A Knights Tale while creating this comic and then we went down and saw Cows on a Plane again (they've cut scenes and rearranged things). It was still good though it seemed less high energy in the new arrangement. We also stayed for On the Spot. As per usual it was a bunch of laughs. Ninja and I got home around midnight and got up early the next morning to go and help paint the lobby of the Bovine. After that we saw TMNT. Then shopping and home to do landry and get ready for the week. I feel good but tired! See ya on Friday!

Who on Earth is that?  What sort of evil power gets a cashier to hand over tons of cash?  How can I get these powers?  These questions will be answered over the next few.  I also wanted to say a special thank you to The Witty Librarian.  He designed our new villain.  Thanks Witty!

In other news, saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie today.  I will try to get a review done soon. 

Also, we helped paint the theater where we are taking our improv classes at Bovine Metropolis .  So, when you see the colors...that's our fault.  But look at my costume, of course there would be purple, sheesh.


Script for March 26th, 2007

Old Guy :    Is this going to take much longer?  I've been here ten minutes.

Teller:    I'm sorry sir, I can see that you have an account with us, but there doesn't seem to be any money in it.

Old Guy :    No.  NO!  This is the fourth time you people have lost my money!  Are you out to make an old man's life miserable?

Teller:    I'm sorry sir, but...


Teller:    Here you go sir, $10,000.  Do you need help carrying it?

The Revisionist :    No son.  I'm fine.  In fact, best I've been in years.