News for March 19th, 2007

So, my bro Neo wanted me to build him a computer.  One thousand bucks and it had to come with a flat panel monitor.  We did it...but when we got all the stuff home and assembled it, it doesn't work.  Oh sure, we have power and all the connectors seem right etc.  I fear I got a bad motherboard.  It happens you know.  At any rate, I have to disassemble the PC and take it back.  I have no other real way of testing this thing so I just hope I am correct in my assumption that it is the motherboard.  Maybe I will have better luck with the next one.

In other news...I have a cat in my lap.  That isn't very news worthy but you work with what ya got. 

This is something that always drives me nuts - the mentality that girls can't do the computer thing. For instance, Ninja and I walk into a computer store and the sales guy talks directly to Ninja. Now admittedly Ninja knows more about hardware than I do (it is his job after all) but, I'm no "average user". So, when the salesman talks to Ninja and ignores me it really drives me nuts especially when it's my toy we're there to get! Though I have to say I did marry a good guy, in these situations Ninja will tell the sales dude "why don't you ask my wife". See ya on Friday!


Script for March 19th, 2007

Nitui:    What's all this then?

Ninja Comic:    I bought a bunch of computer stuff at MicroFry.  I figured I would just build a new computer.

Nitui:    Well, let me know if you need any help.

Ninja Comic:    Help?  From a girl?  Bah!

Five hours later

Nitui:    Nice case design.  What happened?

Ninja Comic:    Don't ask.

Computer:    Pfffft.