News for March 16th, 2007

Don't you just hate those preachy hippy types.  I was once told by a guy at the toy store I worked at that "plastic bags are destroying the environment!"  You know what?  How about you just say "no" to the bag without lecturing me.  And by the way, the plastic dump truck you are buying for the kid is killing the environment too.  Really, humans in our very existence are bad for the environment.  We are not part of the food chain.  We give nothing back to the environment in the way of decomposition or digestion.  Humans simply take and do not give back.  Go live in a cave if that is truly what you want, but since you are reading this on the web, I guess it isn't even close to what you want.

In other news, improv class continues.  We played a game called animal people  tonight.  Normally you get regular animals, but I ended up with a dragon.  It was interesting being so regal and self assured to the max.

I was feeling nostalgic, so I posted some old EQ Filks in the forum.

And finally...SPARTANS!!!!!!!!!  The review is here!

As promised here are the pictures from the trip (okay only a couple of 'em). Here is a San Fran favorite - the Cable Car, Cable Car2, Joe and Mindy on a Cable Car and Mindy's Gramps and Mom. Here are some pics of the harbor - boat and alcatraz. Finally you can see why our cats love us and are glad that we returned home- Cats. All in all it was a good trip and it was great to spend time with the folks. Like the pictures- hate the pictures? Tell me!


Script for March 16th, 2007

Nitui:    You know, I love my new purse despite the fact that I get rude comments from those tree hugging hippies.

Hippy:    You do realize a cow died to make that purse?

Nitui:    Actually, a cow died to make steaks.  They just took the stuff the meat came wrapped in to make a purse.

Hippy:    WHAT?!

Nitui:    Think of it like reusing gift wrap.

Hippy:    But that's awful!

Nitui:    No, forcing your ideals on another person is awful.  Why, it's nearly a form of terrorism.

Hippy:    AHHHHHH!!!!!

Nitui:    I try not to let it get me down.