News for March 9th, 2007

It's true, I am...Ninja's are awesome.  Especially when mixed with turtles.  TMNT is coming!

To continue the Ninja Vs. Pirate debate...there are more super hero ninja's then pirates.

Fyi, we are out of town this coming weekend.  We are heading to California to hang with the folks and granddad.  So there is a very real chance that there will be no comic on Monday, or at least that it might be late.

Yea! Weekend! This particular weekend we're going to visit my gramps in San Francisco. Now I'm seeing that Ninja has already told you my news ....again. Ah well - I'll get him. I'm gonna be the first through the door at Fry's Electronics this weekend. Ahh geeks paradise! Let me know if I need to pick something for you. Otherwise I'll see you on Monday...maybe. :oD


Script for March 9th, 2007

Ninja Comic:    These idiots are so stupid!

Nitui:    Isn't that like defining a word using itself?

Ninja Comic:    What?

Nitui:    What are you reading?

Ninja Comic:    This message board has a thread about who would win "300 Samurai Vs. 300 Spartans."

Ninja Comic:    Spartans are cool and all, but really the Samurai would kill them easily.

Nitui:    Aren't Samurai and Ninja like mortal enemies or something?

Ninja Comic:    Nah, we hate pirates more.

Ninja Comic:    Look Samurai use bows and arrows. No contest. But notice they didn't put Ninjas in that contest.

Nitui:    Since Ninja are unstoppable?

Ninja Comic:    You're making fun of me, aren't you?

Nitui:    Ninja Vs. Pirate?

Ninja Comic:    No contest, Ninja.

Nitui:    Ninja Vs. Jedi?

Ninja Comic:    Jedi are not real.  Still Ninja.

Nitui:    Ninja Vs. Turtle?

Ninja Comic:    Ninj...hey, you're not playing fair.

Nitui:    It's because I love you.