News for March 5th, 2007

Ok, the thought of the Care Bear stare being like the Penitence Stare that Ghost Rider has just made me chuckle.  So what else are you going to do if you have a Photo Shop genius as a spouse?

In other news, as Nitui mentioned it was a busy weekend for us.  Friday was opening night at the Bovine for the new show "Cows on a Plane!"   The review is here.   Saturday night we had a few friends over for a wine party.  I am not much of a drinker, in fact I may have had 5 whole swallows the entire night, but it was still a good time.  Nitui puts on a good party.  Then, rush back down to the Bovine for "On the Spot"  improv.  Another good show and then down to the bar to hang with the players from the cast.  I must be getting old, since one thirty in the morning is a bit too late for me these days.  Sunday is rearrange furniture to make room for the new dresser, night stand, and TV thing. We're gonna need a weekend to recover from this weekend.

If you get bored, give this video of Ryan Vs. Dorkman a look.  It has some really good special effects for a Star Wars fan film.

And last but not least, Happy Birthday to my bro Loch. You don't look a day over twenty five...when you shave. =)

There you have it...the single image that has ruined my childhood. (Thanks Ninja) As Ninja said all went well and much fun was had by all this weekend. See you all on Friday!




Script for March 5th, 2007

Title:    In July 2007, Mephistopheles Chooses A New Bounty Hunter!

Title:    Beware The Care Bear Stare!

Title:    Ghost Rider Bear