News for March 2nd, 2007

The fridge is wonderful and works like a charm.  But the "installing the water tube" project, that I was told takes an hour, escalated into an immense amount of pain and suffering.  I had water all over the kitchen floor.  When Nitui got home, the water was still not working.  I think I put seven hours  into the project.

In other news, there really isn't any other news.  Boring week folks, and I even tried to find a video of something fun to watch.  I must be getting lazy.

Hey all this is another super late night for me on a school night. So, really quick we have alot of fun stuff planned for this up again coming weekend. The opening of a show and a little get together at our house. ooo...speaking of I gotta clean!

Blah! See you all on Monday!




Script for March 2nd, 2007

Home Despot Clerk I:    Oh sure, installing the water line for a new fridge is easy.  Just tap into the cold water pipe with the kit and they'll hook it up when they deliver it.

Delivery Guy :    Nope, there is no valve with that kit.  Not sure why they sold you it, but we can't hook it up.

Home Despot Clerk II:    Sorry sir, 20 minutes does seem a bit long to get a price check on a 94 cent item.  But don't worry, you will most likely not need it for the project anyway.  Besides, you'll be back in another hour to buy more tools and parts.

Nitui:    Yay!  The icemaker works!  I guess the guy was right about how easy it is.

Ninja Comic:    Yes...just...that...easy.