News for February 23rd, 2007

Oh sure, you guys don't remember the commercials for Fruit Pie the Magician?   I remember there always being a Hostess add in the back of the old comic books and I knew someday I would be that hero!  Ninja Comic Cheese Puffs, sword shaped and crunchy in all their glory.

In other news, I put a link to Particles .  Go for it, seven balls gets kinda hard.

Also, we got to see Music and Lyrics this week.  Hopefully we'll get time to do a review.

March 11th is the new Daylight Saving Time change.  If you  have not done updates for your computer, you should run them so it will adjust properly for you.  If  you are a Mac, I would imagine they have some way to fix their operating system.  If you are on Linux, you probably all ready knew.  Linux users = Information Brokers.

Have a good weekend!

Well these past couple of days of rest were much needed! (I was off from work Mon-Wed) Now I feel like a normal person and I'm actually back exercising again. We got a ton done over the days off and we've added a couple of items to the house that we've been looking for. First is a new fridge like this and a new computer (Velocity Micro) just like the one Ninja got. We have also started level two of our improv classes. So, that's the fun bits that we've been keeping busy with.

Ya! I got some news done. See, you can tell I finally got some sleep. Have a great weekend - see you Monday!



Script for February 23rd, 2007


Girl Scout and Boy Scout:    Won't somebody save us from these awful zombies?

Ninja Comic:    Don't worry kids, Ninja Comic (tm) is here to save the day!

Girl Scout and Boy Scout:    NINJA COMIC!

Ninja Comic:    These aren't real zombies, they're just hungry coworkers. I'll toss them some Ninja Cheese Puffs and all will be fine!

Girl Scout and Boy Scout:    Hurray!  Ninja Comic you saved us!

Ninja Comic:    No kids, Ninja Cheese Puffs saved the day!