News for February 19th, 2007

Poor KRO-GAR.  All he wanted to do was make the new guy feel welcome.  I wonder if there are Zombie Hello Kitty items. Speaking of zombies, Xombified  has a new episode up.  Also, an actual comic book is coming from Devil's Due Publishing.  Too bad the cartoon changed Zoe's voice.

In other news, corn dogs are yummy, cheesy tator-tots are grand, and pecan cluster Blizzards are a dream.  Put those three together and Nitui is feeling quite nauseous.  What can ya do.

Also, we went to improv last night and got to hang out with some friends.  We don't normally get to have such wild times, and the whole midnight one o'clock thing was a bit much for us old fogies.

Finally, we saw Ghost Rider  and the review is here.




Script for February 19th, 2007

KRO-GAR:    KRO-GAR proud to work with great method actor.

Zombie:    NYAAAAAAAA.

KRO-GAR:    KRO-GAR hopes to learn from your experience.

Zombie:    NYAAAAAAAA.

KRO-GAR:    KRO-GAR not sure...

KRO-GAR:    Where Rats when KRO-GAR need Rats?