News for February 12th, 2007

Don't you just hate new coworkers?  Especially the undead kind?  If I have to train one more new person for our team...THICKY!  Thicky from the forums is trying to get a new job with our network team.  This means I will have to train another noob.  We'll see what happens I guess.  Oh, and good luck Thicky.

I was looking at some Linux resources and noticed that the old Descent game was playable on Linux.  Turns out you can play it Windows too.  So much for a reason to have Linux up and running.  I will find a use at some point. And when I do, I will have my orbiting brain lasers.

As for Yushi Tons birthday...apparently he had a sleep over.  One of the kids is deathly allergic to cats, so they had it at a hotel.  Yes, a sleep over at a hotel.  They had a suite so one room for the parents and the other for the boys.  They had access to the swimming pool, hooked up the DVD player for Star Wars, and a complimentary breakfast.  Best part?  Leave a nice tip for the cleaning crew in the morning.  I guess it looked like a rock star had the suite.  But they didn't have to clean it.  Don't forget, pizza places deliver to hotels too.

On Wednesday Iíll link the first thing that Iíve actually designed for my job (not just tweaking and redesigning). Itís been a rough couple of weeks - to tell you how bad itís gotten my boss actually told me to take two days off. So, Iím looking forward to the calm of the rest of the month. Happy birthday Lincoln!



Script for February 12th, 2007

Ninja Comic:    Ok everybody, we have a new cast member.  Try to make him feel welcome and act normal.

Ninja Comic:    Also, I didn't want to ask, but I think he's an older guy as he seems to walk a bit slower then the rest of us.  We are, as always, an equal opportunity web comic so just be patient and act normal.

Ninja Comic:    Any questions?

Girl Scout :    I heard the guy was a walking zombie.  Is that true?

Ninja Comic:    He probably just needs his coffee fix.

Zombie:    NYAAAAAAAA.

All but Ninja:    GASP

Ninja Comic:    Guys, I said act normal.  Ah well.