News for February 2nd, 2007

Yep, with the exception of seeing them get up to go get a soda, webcams are just not as exciting as advertised.

We just started watching the Animaniacs on DVD! Our cats are named after them in fact. But here is one of my favorite bits from them, HMS Yakko!

And just to flash back to the mid eighties, Rappin' Duke.

Well I've been work extra long hours this week and learning a lot (working on digital video and screen capture) and the links I've found I think I'm one of the few who thinks they're fun. Like this new site dedicated just to design or that Tascha has a new piece of digital artwork up. Though, I'm hoping to wrap up the last of work I'll do for a client this weekend and once I do that I might actually get to put forth time towards my own work. (Who am I kidding...I might have time to play again! CoH/V here I come!) Have a great weekend - see ya Monday!



Script for February 2nd, 2007

Editors note :    Webcams, not as exciting as you would think.