News for January 26th, 2007

So yeah, if you got a question that might be used in the comic, feel free to personal message Nitui or myself and we will do what we can.  We are not licensed practitioners or anything, so our answers are probably useless.

Anyway, improv class is making it impossible to do news since I can't seem to remember to think of something to say.  The class is going well, and we did some of my most favorite games.  Face it, I roxxor at the Alphabet game.  Well, better then these guys anyway.  Not like it's that hard.

I should have my ego write a news for me sometime.  Have a good weekend gang.  Oh, and if you are new here, welcome to the site!

So, ya sometimes when Ninja is dumb I throw the book at him...or at least whack him with one.

As Ninja said improv class was good...I can't say that this last one was fun for me 'cause our teacher manages to mush almost all of my weakest games into one class. Though I'm learning a lot and I'm letting go more and more of watching everyone else in the class (this used to be one of my jobs when we were running the troupe).

Lots of fun stuff planned this weekend a birthday party, a pizza party and finishing a project. This weeks gone so fast and I think this weekend is going to go even faster. Aw well make it a good one and I'll see ya Monday!



Script for January 26th, 2007

Confused Pocket D Raver:    Dear PJ Chronicles,

I have been seriously involved with two guys for almost a year.  To complicate things, one is  a hero and the other is a villain.  I think I
love both of them, what should I do?

Confused Pocket D Raver

Ninja Comic:    Well CPDR, this sounds like a cut and dry situation. Stop seeing both of them immediately.  If you are not able to commit to
either of them, this is the only fair thing to do.  Even if you let one go you would most likely feel like you've settled.

Ninja Comic:    Beyond that, what were you thinking?  One is a hero and the other a villain!?!  What would happen if they both showed up at the
same time?  A smack down in your living room?  Think of the danger to yourself and others in the near vicinity.  End it with both and maybe
even move out of town.

Ninja Comic:    Everybody in this situation should take this advice too, unless they are chicks.  In which case, it's totally ok to have two
chicks fighting over you in your...

Ninja Comic:    I was just kidding.