News for January 22nd, 2007

Yep, order Death by Chocolate and you get it at this restaurant.  Wondering what he said?  Try this then scroll down to the script. Sorry if it breaks the page a tiny bit.

In other news, we caught Pan's Labyrinth.  The review will be here a bit later in this section

Beyond that, not much to mention.  Have a good week.

Well it seems that my Sunday news are getting shorter and shorter. For those of you who are still starved for Nitui news keep your eye to the forums. I still blather on in there even if I don't get to out here, like last week when I gave my less than favorable review on Curse of the Golden Flower. So, if you haven't yet (or even if you have) check out the forums and drop in and say hi...we always like to know that you guys are actually out there. Have a good week and I'll see ya Friday!



Script for January 22nd, 2007

Waiter:    Would you like any desert sir?

Ninja Comic:    Maybe.  I noticed you have "Death by Chocolate" on the menu.  I order it everywhere I go and I am still alive.

Waiter:    Sir, I am certain ours will meet or surpass your expectations.

Ninja Comic:    I'll take it!

Nitui:    What is with you?

Ninja Comic:    It's just the whole "death by chocolate" is so wrong. 

Nitui:    They aren't going to kill you, it would be bad for business.

Ninja Comic:    Well, maybe if they called it "Indigestion by Chocolate" or even "Put on Lots of Unwanted Weight by Chocolate."

Nitui:    That wouldn't fit in the menu very well.

Francois:    Bonsoir Monsieur, je suis Francois Chocolat et je suis ici pour vous tuer.

Ninja Comic:    Ah darn.