News for January 12th, 2007

As I warned ya we're gonna post the comic later in the day on the 15th- check back later on. Happy Martin Luther King's Day all!

Just in case you get the physics is a bunch of math related jokes.

Getting ready to head out of town again.  It is my sister, Rouxs Girl, birthday.  Wish her a happy one in the forum!

Well I've lost a day somewhere this week and even with that I feel like I've been behind all week here's your Thursday comic. Good chance that Monday's comic will be late but never fear it'll be up sooner or later. I'm taking my camera this weekend so maybe we'll have new party pictures!



Script for January 12th, 2007

Boy Scout:    I think I figured out how the Coyote always fails.

Girl Scout:    Because the script is written that way?

Boy Scout:    Aside from the reality of it.  When he puts the boulder at the top of the hill, it has too much stored up kinetic energy...

Girl Scout:    Stored up kinetic...wouldn't that be potential energy?

Boy Scout:    Yeah  Here, you can have my geek card for a week. Just don't tell anybody.

Girl Scout:    I won't mention it. Want a soda?

Boy Scout:    Sure.

Girl Scout:    Want any solid water in it?

Boy Scout:    Very funny, I'll just go.