News for January 8th, 2007

Yes, it was late.  No we are not trying to make a habit of this. 

I think I was having a fever dream or something but water rockets were so much fun and now we have coke and mentos to play with.  Since Nitui won't let me actually play with them, you get this comic.

In other news, we are back from California and are heading to my sisters for her birthday...if we don't get the rumored 4 - 6 feet of snow.

So, I had way too much fun with this the third panel I was playing with Ninja's eyes and making him all googly eyed. Childish - yes, I know but, I'm tired and have another long week ahead of me. 'Sides you'd giggle too.



Script for January 8th, 2007

Ninja Comic:    I figured out a way to re-invent the jet packs we could get last year.

Nitui:    Should I go get a fire extinguisher?

Ninja Comic:    No need this time.  I used the steadfast and predictable nature of Diet Cola and Mint-Os to create a super powerful jet stream.

Ninja Comic:    All I need to do is pull this string and the valve pops open while releasing the candy.

Ninja Comic:    I think I'll go change my pants.

Nitui:    You do that, I'll go get a mop.