News for January 1st, 2007

Looks like we made it again.  Another year has gone by and what have learned thus far?  I am a big kid that likes to stick metal things into light sockets.  I don't think we have done any major thought provoking stories and no earth shattering lessons have been taught.  Maybe that is what I should be trying to write for the comic.  Perhaps then we will skyrocket to the meeelions of readers I crave!

In other news, we have certain trips we need to take on the next two weekends.  This may put us in the position of not updating on the following Mondays, we'll try not to let you guys down though.

Lastly, and you know I am not the blubbery emotional type, I do hope you guys have a Great New Year ahead.  Too many people I know have had rough ones, and I want them all to get a fair shake for a change.  You all know who you are.

To answer Ninja to get the kinda readers he wants we need to be much more crass. Don't roll your eyes...quick think of the top 3 web comics of all time. Penny Arcade, Something Positive, Ctrl+Alt+Del...or something similar to these. None of the big webcomics are "family friendly". So, there ya go Ninja more rude = more readers. Personally I like quality (thanks for reading even if we don't show you our butts).

So, what is all that junk behind the gang in today's comic? WELL, 'cause you asked...I'll tell you it's the newest desktop! It's remember all kinds of funny bits that happened over 2006. Also I'd like to mention that I noticed every panel is a physical impossibility in game. Hope you enjoy!

It feels like last year set a lot of things in motion. Good/Bad things happened but I'm looking forward to seeing how this year will turn out. Feels like a year of changes. Good luck all - I hope these major changes find you better off. See ya Friday!


Script for January 1st, 2007