News for December 29th, 2006

Welcome to Colorado, where we have been getting hit by blizzard after blizzard.  Seriously though, we did get several feet last week, and though this one is not as bad, they say another is due here Sunday.  So, in keeping with our surroundings, you get a snow shovel comic.

In other news, for Christmas I was given the complete series of Red Dwarf.  This is an awesome British sci-fi comedy and if you haven't seen it, well you just haven't lived.  Nitui and I have been working our way through the eight seasons of insanity.

And finally, we did get to see Night at the Museum Saturday and the review is here.  

Well, so much to tell you and catch up on but mostly I'll just sum up with- super busy and feeling better. As promised - check out this very cool picture of Ninja ala Cat and the not as cool - but still pretty cool (heh I went first) my face painted. Also swing by the forums there's a hoppn' religious debate going on right now and a Serenity debate that's been on going. Come offer your two cents. See ya next Year!


Script for December 29th, 2006

Title:    Some heroes are better suited for shoveling snow then others.

Boy Scout:    So very very cold.

Nitui:    Ooops.

Tank Daddy:    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Ninja Comic:    HIYAH! One snowflake down, a million to go.