News for December 22nd, 2006

This is going to sound really stupid if you don't play the game.  For the Winter '06 even they brought back the giant packages from last year.  If you open 200 of them you get the "Toy Collector" badge.  Why would anybody do this?  There are some people that just want to get their hands on every single badge they can.  Not all of my characters get every badge.  But I must admit, that I did waste several hours getting these badges.  I am now completely cured of it this time, I swear.  Unless they come out with some new badge...I need help.

In other news, it snowed.  Quite a lot I am afraid.  I mean a serious amount.  It took me over five hours to get home from work, and I am not even going to get into how long Nitui was on the road.  I have since shoveled my sidewalk.  There is now over four feet of snow in my front yard.

Also, after much hard work, the tree is decorated with flashing lights.  I fear, after this huge snow storm, that nobody will ever see it.

Maybe I will get to go home early Friday night.

What do you get the little Girl Scout that has everything? Well I guess if your her father you bribe them into creating another badge! All I can think of is how tired and paper cut my fingers would be after opening 200 boxes. I think after about 30 boxes I just wouldn't care.

To add to Ninja's snow pictures (snow 2 and snow 3) and I will say it was over 8 hours...yes that's right over 8 hours to get home yesterday. We all love winter weather. So, hopefully Ninja and I will be working from home today (Friday) and that nasty rumor of more snow is just BS. A white Christmas is one thing but more snow would be down right ridiculous. If I don't see you before then have a merry Christmas!



Script for December 22nd, 2006

Girl Scouts Dad:    Well honey, I called the Scouts and payed them to add a new badge that you could get.  It's called the "Toy Collector."  I even wrapped it for you.

Girl Scout:    Oh boy, I can hardly wait!  Hey, this box is empty.

Girl Scouts Dad:    One small hitch though.

Girl Scout:    What's that?

Girl Scouts Dad:    They made me promise that you would have to work for it.  So I hid it in one of these two hundred boxes.  Only a hundred and ninety nine to go!

Girl Scout:    Aw man.