News for December 18th, 2006

Seriously, what is with them?  They commercialized every single holiday they can get their grubby hands on, but starting this early has got to end.  Stores wonder why they have soft sales during December.  Well, it's because the sales they were hoping for in December, came in October.  People are so burned out on the Christmas stuff it's pathetic. 

In other news, we finally went out and bought some Christmas tree decorations.  Nitui wanted to do a whole new tree, but I talked her into just the ornaments...this year.

Also, we saw Eragon and the review is here.

Still sick, and sick of being sick. It's bad when just going to the grocery store is making me tired. Although good drugs will prevail over the nasties I've got once again. This is what the 5th time I've been sick already this season? Well I'm tired of it. To all of you folks out there who aren't...WASH YOUR HANDS. Then maybe I wouldn't get sick so much :oD Anywho it's late and work comes early, night all. See ya Friday!

Oh and once things slow down and I actually have some free time again I'll post some actual pictures from our florida trip- there's a great one of Ninja in cat form.



Script for December 18th, 2006

Nitui:    That's it!  I am done with the Holidays.

Ninja Comic: love this time of year.  What happened?

Nitui:    I rolled my eyes when they started putting Christmas stuff on sale before Halloween was done.

Nitui:    I switched to listening to my mp3 player full time when they started Christmas music the first week in November.

Nitui:    But the mall went too far this year. They announced how many shopping days till Christmas on the PA...

Ninja Comic:    They do that all the time...

Nitui:    They said there was 372 days left till next Christmas.

Nitui:    What? Only 372?  Uh...sorry you're grumpy hun, but I gotta get shopping.  See ya!